• Gina Souizu Marianda

    Selamat datang di blog mahasiswi galau yang 'kan melakukan segala cara 'tuk mengatasi rasa penasarannya...

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    Bengkulu long beach is a very exotic tourist attraction because of stretch of unspoiled white sand can open will inspire greatness of the almighty. The beach is precisely located west of Bengkulu City. To reach the location which is only 1.5 km from the city center can be reached by rising Sado or Delman which is a traditional transport in the city of Bengkulu...

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    The word 'gothic' is very old, and is used to indicate the style of the Renaissance art of the Middle Ages. It is named after the German tribe of the Goths, who had invaded Italy, and so had broken up the Roman Empire. In the 15th century, people hoping to revive the classical age, they have an idea of ??rebirth or renaissance. Intervention period was called the Middle Age, and we still use the term negative. Because the Italians blamed the Goths to destroy the Roman Empire, they are referred to as Gothic art style of this period, by which they meant barbaric...

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    The company was founded by Kiichiro Toyoda in 1937 as a spinoff from his father's company Toyota Industries to create automobiles. Three years earlier, in 1934, while still a department of Toyota Industries, it created its first product, the Type A engine, and, in 1936, its first passenger car, the Toyota AA. Toyota Motor Corporation group companies are Toyota (including the Scion brand), Lexus, Daihatsu and Hino Motors, along with several "non-automotive" companies.TMC is part of the Toyota Group, one of the largest conglomerates in the world...

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    Indonesian traditional games when I was a child such as: palak babi, congklak, lompat tali, badus, calabur, lompat kodok, etc.

Archive for Juni 2011

june 13th 2011 1PM

thats stupid things on my day...
gw kira dengan sikap gw yg cuek itu uda paling hebat seantero engineery...ternyata.. oh my...
kaya petir disiang bolong..

semuanya hancur!!!

tak ada yang lebih bodoh dari semua kebodohan dihidup gw..

gw terlalu nyantai... sifat buruk ini emang berat diilangin... mungkin uda tertanam di diri sejak kecil..ckckckck_

and now, perbaikan didepan mata..
tp tetep aja ga ada yg lebih baik yg gw ubah..hmm..

tp kejadian waktu itu mungkin sudah jadi motivasi gw utk jadi yang lebih baik..
yaa... seorang gina yang selalu menikmati hidup,,.

yaaah.. kegalauan kemarin membuat moto lama gw
"life is enjoy" tersingkiri ..hyaattt (ヽ`д´)┌┛★)`з゜)

"learn from yesterday
life for today
hope for tommorow"

i got it!!! ヾ(≧∇≦*)ゝ